Mental training is a practical process which changes perspectives.  It’s all about training the horse’s brain and increase the horse’s mental resources so it can show its potential.

The training is based on leadership and cooperation and is always done by useing only positive reinforcement. It’s about showing responsibility as a rider and working together with the horse instead of controlling it. It’s about giving the horse the necessary peace in mind and self confidence, so it can develop on its own terms and focus on performing in its own dynamic way.

Mental training is about changing behavior and habits for the better. It’s about creating awareness within the horse, so it knows how to work with the rider and reduce stress so it can be in a more peacefull state of mind. It’s also about taking the instincts and reflexes of the horse in consideration when training. Concentration work is a big part of the mental training proces and it’s done by stimulating the horse mentally with self confidence exercises an appreciative response.

The mental training proces is individual and depends on the mental level of the horse and its reaction pattern. It also depends on the riders ability to work with the horse.

Mental training shifts perspective and shows progress