Respiratory therapy is used as a way to get the horse to relax. It is based on the horse’s behavior and takes place interactively and only by working energetically with the horse. By responding on the signals from the horse, it is possible to make the horse relax and release tension specially located to the head and neck. The therapy allows the horse to recover when it learns to breath easily and relaxed so it can feel the effects in its mind and body.

To walk the horse or to give it peace and quiet is not considered relaxation. It is considered relaxation when the horse is letting go of all thoughts and focus on the body. Then the horse is only guided by its breath, which takes place automatically.

The horse needs to relax and use all its lung capacity in order to work constructively and develop. Thats why the main purpose of this kind of therapy is to show and learn the horse how to be aware of its body, so the horse itself is able to relax and breathe calmly, deeply and steadily.

Respiratory Therapy has a positive effect on body and mind, which improves the mental training of the horse.