My name is Cathrin and I specialize in training horses and riders in improving mentally. I offer combined respiratory therapy and mental training for horses and combined performance coaching for riders including mental training for the horse. Performance coaching is for riders who wants to work with themselves and their horse on a professional level.

The therapy part is mine to take care of but the practical training of the horse involves the people, who work with the horse on af daily basis. The training is specific and goes into detail, and is performed on a high level which requires commitment from rider and staff.

The horse’s ability to thrive and performe depends on its mental health. The horse’s mental condition is essential to its ability to focus and handle challenges and stressful situations. That’s why mental training is an important part of the horse’s daily routine.

The horse needs to be calm in body and mind in order to train mentally, and the breath has a major impact on the body’s ability to relax. Therefor, respiratory therapy is crucial to the horse when working on a mental but also physical level.

Mental training affects the consciousness of the horse in a positiv way, and  it creates that peace of mind, which is required for the horse to focus on absolutely necessary things. The training strengthens the horse’s self confidence and creates successfull experiences, which leads to: trust and improved learning ability and cooperation, which again leads to increased psychological and physiological health and improved performance.

Training your horse and yourself mentally creates positive and lasting results.